About Guitar Lessons Hull

About Guitar Lessons Hull

Hi, I’m Danny and I teach guitar in Hull! I have been playing the guitar for 11 years, achieving my grade 8 after four years of playing. I have tutored students of all different ages, all different styles and I just love what I do! The lessons which I teach have always been very flexible and I am always happy to take requests from students and adjust the lessons accordingly to help them achieve their specific goals, as everyone ultimately wants something different than the next person.

When I am not teaching, I am always either playing my guitar, writing/recording material or gigging! I have played some of the larger local gigs such as ‘The Freedom Festival’ and ‘Humber Street Sesh’ and have performed in countless numbers of pubs and clubs around the local scene. I’m currently in a signed band called Years Young who are a touring alternative rock band playing all over the UK.

I have recently just graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Musical Performance which has helped develop both my ability to teach and my own skills. Progressing as a musician myself my musical tastes have changed throughout this process and I have grown to love all different styles of music, having a genuine passion from all styles ranging from Classical all the way through to Heavy Metal and everything in between.

Danny Guitar Lessons Hull

As well as my private tuition students of all ages I also teach in schools and holds music classes to groups of students aged between 6 and 12. For more information my guitar tuition, or to book your first guitar lesson to with me don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected].


"Danny is such a warm welcoming person, with an extreme love for teaching music and doing what he does. His lessons are tailored specifically to exactly what the student wants and to the music that they wish to play. Danny puts his heart and soul in to his lessons and is an extremely patient, polite and professional teacher for a man of such young age. Whether you have never touched a guitar in your life or if you have been playing for years don’t hesitate to get in touch and feel confident you are receiving the right help from one of the best in the area!" - Jack Halliday

"After many years of wishing I could play a guitar, I finally took the plunge at 55 years of age and thankfully found you to teach me. From the very first lesson, your professionalism and enthusiasm for all things guitar has been apparent and fuelled my desire to learn and progress. Danny, the person, is kind, polite, courteous and has a - nothing is too much trouble attitude toward his work.

Lessons are always relaxed, informal and great fun. You allow your students to learn at their own pace and encourage complete freedom in selecting the types of music they would like to learn, whilst ensuring important techniques and theory are being incorporated into the lesson.

Support for your students is second to none. I have always been provided with easy to follow hand-outs, advice and guidance in the form of follow up text messages and demonstration videos when I need them.

With your help and encouragement I am living my dream of being able to play guitar and enjoying every minute. I can’t thank you enough and are looking forward to many more informative and fun lessons." - John Bateman

Electric and Acoustic Guitar

My guitar lessons are specifically designed to ensure that you progress at the fastest possible speed and this is done through playing the music that you love! Whatever your style of music, whether it be Teen Pop or whether it be Heavy Metal, we will utilise your passion for your favourite artists and use this to learn all the different skills and techniques of playing the guitar.

To find out more about our guitar lessons or to book your first one give me a call on 01482 298065 or drop me an email via the contact page!

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Danny is a fantastic local guitar teacher here in Hull! He taught me to play guitar with speed and confidence during his engaging and friendly lessons. With his passion for guitar shining through Danny's teaching is perfect for all levels of guitarists.